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Beautiful clear ice "more easily" and in "more scenes".

ice drops is a high-end clear ice maker with a new patented structure.


Make the usual ice clear

Totally different beauty from regular ice.
Patented* 4-layer structure makes it easy to make clear ice in a home freezer.
*Patented* Patent No. 7075165

Clear ice in various shapes

By replacing the "mold" that determines the shape of the ice, you can enjoy a variety of ice shapes.
The lineup will be further expanded in the future.

Made in Japan

All parts are high quality and made by a Japanese domestic manufacturer.
Rugged construction made of polycarbonate and silicone rubber, dishwasher-safe.
It is also Food Sanitation Law compliant.


Approximately 60mm spherical ice. Suitable for whiskey, shochu on the rocks, etc.

Medium Cube

Approximately 29 mm cubes of ice. Suitable for everyday use such as highballs, iced coffee, juice, etc.

Mt. Fuji

Fuji-shaped premium ice will color your drinks and food. Enjoy the snow-covered surface that changes each time the ice is made.

Other Features

  • By using a two-layer air insulation, we have achieved a high level of clearness for our ice.
  • The patented structure reduces expansion pressure during ice making, resulting in a clean ice shape and easy ice removal.
  • All ice can be removed so that you can immediately start making the next batch of ice.
  • By replacing the mold with a mold sold separately, you can enjoy different ice shapes.
  • It is made of durable polycarbonate and silicone rubber and is dishwasher safe.
    * Do not use the steam function.
  • Made in Japan, safe and high quality.
  • It is also ”Japanese” Food Sanitation Law compliant.


ice drops (Basic Set)

ice drops (Basic Set)

The basic set includes the ice drops main unit and a mold that can make 1 sphere of ice and 8 cubes of ice.
Two types of clear ice cubes, one large and one small, are available to add color to a variety of beverages.

Included items
  • ice drops (Main unit)
  • Mold (Sphere)
  • Mold (Cube)

Replacement Mold Fuji

Replacement Mold Fuji

This is a replacement mold exclusively for ice drops that allows you to make premium clear ice in the shape of Mt. Fuji.

* The main unit is not included.
* Ice cannot be made by this product alone.



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